U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Merchants, Decides “No-Surcharge” Law Regulates Protected Speech

Jonathan Razi said, “With this result, we’re confident predicting that more opportunity is on the horizon, and the CardX team looks forward to serving additional markets. Moreover, today’s decision recognizes the key policy interests we highlighted in our brief: passing on the credit card fee is the best tool a merchant has for informing the customer of the transaction cost and giving the customer the incentive to reduce the cost.”

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CardX Files Amicus Brief in U.S. Supreme Court, Contributing Real-World Expertise to “No-Surcharge” Case

Today, CardX filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Supreme Court to support the merchants in Expressions Hair Design v. Schneiderman, a case with the potential to expand credit card surcharging to all 50 states.

As the only solution provider to file a brief, CardX was uniquely positioned to contribute industry expertise to this case. CardX’s real-world experience shows that surcharging does not merely transfer, but in fact lowers, transaction costs, promoting market efficiency.

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Making Card Payments for Education, Students and Families Can Now Choose the Fee They Pay

Craig Lockwood, President at TMS, observed, “Intelligent Rate is a smarter approach to service fees. Most cardholders pay less with Intelligent Rate, and all cardholders are informed of lower-cost alternatives. It’s consistent with our mission of helping students and their families make better payment decisions through education and transparency. And it’s a true win-win for schools and families alike.”

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AccuFund Introduces New Web Payment Portal

AccuFund's partnership with CardX ( gives organizations the convenience of credit card acceptance without the high costs: organizations can pass along the cost of the transaction, while also providing clients or constituents the ability to choose the payment option with the lowest transaction fee.

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With CardX, Paychex Client Businesses Accept Credit Cards at 0% Cost

Jonathan Razi, President at CardX, said, "We're proud that Paychex has selected a CardX solution for the businesses that Paychex serves. It's a great match: Paychex has strong marketplace recognition for compliance, and Zero-Cost Credit is the first solution that is 100% compliant with the new rules. Full compliance is as much a part of the value proposition as giving businesses a 0% effective rate for credit card acceptance.”

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NXG International Partners with CardX to Bring Fully Compliant Service Fee Solutions to Canada

"I am proud of the NXG International and CardX team, for being able to bring to Canada, as part of their World Access roll-out, a unique and innovative system that allows eligible businesses to have their credit card processing costs financed by their customers accurately and legally—in real time," said Giuseppe Caltabiano, President of NXG International. "After EMV and Interac Flash, CardX-NXG International is the next revolution for accepting payments in Canada."

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CardX to Make Presentation to 30th National College & University Bursars SFS Conference

Jonathan Razi, CardX President, will present Intelligent Rate to over 200 colleges, universities, trade, and technical schools at 2016 Bursars. Jonathan will address the attendees alongside co-presenters Joe Meuse of Tuition Management Systems and Joe Helmy of MasterCard. Their session, which will be held on Monday, April 4th, 2016 at 1:15pm Pacific Time, is entitled "Service Fees for Card Payments: Aligning Institutional and Student Interests."

AMP Technologies Announces Their D.C. Release, The Best Commercial Real Estate Software Yet

"At present, only 3% of payments in property management are made by card, because the merchant fees charged to managers and owners are often prohibitive. Partnering with AMP Technologies, we're launching an integrated solution that gives property managers the convenience and collectability of credit card acceptance at zero cost," said Jonathan Razi, CardX co-founder.

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Introducing a New Brand Identity: CardX

Noble Payment Technologies LLC is now doing business as CardX. CardX (formerly Noble) has provided card acceptance solutions to institutions and businesses since August 2013. “The new brand identity is consistent with the work we've been doing in these past two years: creating world-first service fee and surcharge solutions, and positioning them at the intersection of technology and compliance,” said Jonathan Razi, co-founder.